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Garage Winery

The Garage Winery exits since 2000. Garage wines are fun, light, easy drinking, fruity wines with style. These uncomplicated wines are perfect for your everyday drinking pleasure. Just relax and have some fun! Shake it up with Garage Winery's brilliant whites. Different grape varietals combine to create these fun and whimsical wines. They're not your mother's classic Riesling.

Garage Winery's sparkling wines are lightweight seccos with clarity and exploding fruit flavors.
Get the party started with Kickstarter - an ideal bubbly Riesling aperitif with a punch.
Or choose Pearls & Roses - a rosé made from Pinot Noir and the ideal sparring partner for a good time.

Enjoy the
hit ....... cheers 

Hammond Wines 

The independent Hammond wines range from Pinots to Rieslings. These exceptional, mature, refined wines take their essence from the renowned hills of Rüdesheim, Germany. From spontaneously fermented wines kicking it back old school, to smooth and deep barrel aged wines, Hammond wines are all vegan and all dynamite.

Taking their flavours from the renowned soils of Rüdesheim, Germany, these Hammond white wines range from basic to ultra deluxe. From dry to sweet and everything in between, there is something here for everyone. Care for a refined, classic Riesling? Want to kick it up a notch with an astonishing Pinot? How about indulge in a little sweetness? Just take your pick! These white wines will all knock your socks off.

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